Working Security protects Data and Computer Networks    Success Together

"Working Security is located in St. Louis, Missouri and provides CISO, Computer Forensics, Penetration Testing and other Computer Security services for commercial, government, and non-profit clients."

Meet Compliance and Assurance goals through: 

  • Penetration Testing to meet business partner or key customer requirements
  • Technology audit, risk assessment and mitigation services
  • Pre-audit remediation for PCI, HIPAA, SSAE-16, FISMA, SOX
  • CISO On-Demand services

Proactively Test I/T Security Infrastructure and Contingency Plans:

  • Our Certified Ethical Hackers find vulnerabilities before attackers do
  • Scanning servers, workstations and mobile devices for security vulnerabilities
  • Performing penetration tests on public web servers, firewalls, and VPNs
  • Web and Mobile application testing including source code reviews
  • Social Engineering tests validate Security Awareness Training
  • Testing disaster recovery processes in table-top and live recovery exercises

Respond to Suspected and Confirmed Cyber Security Incidents where:

  • Your website has been defaced
  • An outside party has embedded aggressive malware or a virus that keeps coming back
  • Network devices are exhibiting strange behavior and the source can't be found
  • Legally defensible forensic examinations or investigations are required
  • insiders are suspected of violating policies and evidence is required before taking actio.

We support your business, unbiased by a desire to sell hardware or software.   We help you balance I/T risk management with day-to-day I/T priorities, react to unplanned cyber-security events, and position yourself to minimize the potential impact of future incidents.